Joe is back! (Service Tech)


  • 1991 - A-L Sierra Welding Products founded with only one employee.
  • 1994 -New location at 4443 Hwy 50 East in Carson City Nevada
  • 2012 - Purchased all shares from Air Liquide
  • 2016 ​- Became a Praxair distributor
  • 2016 - We are still here but now have seven employees

Rick (Driver)

Delivery specialist


To offer the best customer service in the industry by meeting your needs fast, making deliveries faster and doing it in a friendly atmosphere.


She won't give us a picture so this is all we got.

Dan (Customer Service)

Service with a smile.


Keep more in stock,  don't let the customer wait and resolve any issue with haste.

 Our goal is to offer the best customer service in the industry.  It's the small things that make the big difference.

Our founder

​A-L Sierra Welding Products


We know you are only as good as we perform so put us to the test.

our Crew

There are no problems, only situations!